Inspirational Infusion

#126 — September 1, 2019

Welcome Monday! A great day for people with passion who see possibility!

— Deborah Darlington

Welcome, Inspired Travelers!

Happy September! Summer is over and the beginning of the new work season is kicking into high gear! Very soon you should be hearing cries of “Thank God, it's Monday!” echoing in your hallways and in your meeting rooms.

Ok, why are you laughing? Is that not what you are hearing?

Why is it that, especially as summer draws to a close, faces seem to be more drawn as they enter into the workplace? Hmm … It seems that a little inspiration might be in order. And, as the leader, that is a big part of your responsibility and, I hope, your calling.

However, maybe you need some inspiration as well. So, as you rally the troops, prepare for new budgets, assess operations and get ready for performance reviews, here are a few ideas to engage, inspire and ignite the spirits of your teams.

Have a department pot-luck lunch. With today's diverse workplaces, ethnic foods from varied cultures get the conversations started. A common table where everyone contributes models the successful department meeting.
Host a monthly Lunch and Learn. Every member of your team has a special talent and people like to share their gifts. Give everyone a chance to shine as they show a side of themselves that others rarely see. Everyone walks away learning something new.
Ensure, at department meetings, that at least 3 members of your team present something of importance. Share the leadership role, give others the spotlight and develop leaders at the same time.
Establish a Lunch with a Leader on a quarterly basis; give a small number of employees the chance to chat with senior leadership about things that matter to them. Connecting them to a higher purpose boosts morale and productivity at the same time.

So, if no one is walking into your office crying out, “Thank God, it's Monday,” give some of these ideas a try. Or, come up with your own and drop us a line and share them with us. If they really rock, we'll publish them in an upcoming newsletter and give you the spotlight!

And, imagine what the others in your office will say as your team looks forward to Mondays in September!

Be magnificent! Have an Inspirational Day!


At InspirationInProgress we love Mondays! We have a whole new week of inspiration to look forward to! If you'd like to be inspired, or 215 260 1611 will get you there!