Inspirational Infusion

#2 - May 1, 2009

"And the day came
When the risk it took
To remain tight in the bud
Was more painful than
The risk it took to blossom."
Ana´s Nin

Spring, to many of us, symbolizes rebirth. Growth is a huge part of who we are and what we do; although growth happens continuously, we become more aware of it during the season when we are surrounded by the re-blossoming that happens in nature.

The quotation above reminds me that growth and evolving does not happen without some kind of catalyst, some kind of pain or discomfort. But, eventually, the ache and displeasure of remaining "stuck" becomes too great and we willingly, if hesitantly, burst forth into newness and leave the shell of the former for the unknown of the future.

In these economic times that continue to try us, there are those that would have us believe that sitting where we are is safe; that the unknown presents more danger than our current place in the world. While there may be issues to address as we move out of our comfort zones, those in leadership positions can not afford to be paralyzed by fear. We are called to lead those we work with to a stronger and more vibrant future and, for those in the service industries, the needs we support are even more prevalent in challenging times.

Taking the risk to grow, taking the risk to unleash our potential, taking the risk to seek new possibilities for those we work with is, certainly, a focus for leaders today. If the darkness of uncertainty did not cycle through our organizations and teams, we would not see the "spring" of new growth.

I am not suggesting that we jump into the pool without checking to see if there is water in it! But I am suggesting that we reflect upon the possibilities more than the risk and search for the nurturing elements available to us. We can then engage in change that inspires the blossoming of new ideas and gifts within our organizations.

If we, as leaders, do not inspire new growth, who will? And spring, with its new blossoms, is too beautiful to miss!

Have an Inspirational Day!