Inspirational Infusion

#4 - July 1, 2009

Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard

than anybody expects of you.

Never excuse yourself.

Henry Ward Beecher


Welcome Inspired Traveler!


Integrity is a word we hear a lot today. Turn on the television, click on the web, have a conversation with colleagues; it is hard to escape stories of integrity lost. These stories are followed by others - stories of the pain caused by these acts.


It is also remarkable that when we hear of people doing the right thing instead of the easy thing or doing the good thing instead of the profitable thing, we pause in awe.  And these stories are often followed by other stories - of lives changed for the better.


So, in these challenging times, to which storybook are we contributing? What is the story that is told about us at the dinner table in an employee's home or in a company lunchroom? What is the story you become in the eyes of your customers?


If we want to be the good story, our leadership choices must reflect the intention as well as the choices we make. The more I study human behavior and leadership issues, the more I believe that intention is the critical factor in leadership behavior. What is the real purpose behind our actions - to profit at the expense of others? To limit the potential of another human being? To put one over on an unsuspecting customer?


Difficult times often cause leaders to make poor choices. But, difficult times can often cause leaders to make heroic decisions that change businesses and lives for the better. These are the leaders who believe in service first; they believe that people are just as important as profit and these beliefs influence their decisions. This is leadership held to a higher standard and that standard is found within their hearts and minds - not within a handbook or policy and procedure manual. It is a higher level of leadership.


These are the stories we need to hear; these are the stories we need to tell. These are the stories that are often lost in the tabloid world of work gone bad.


Be the good story you want hear. The world will thank you for it and retell it many times. Your story is your legacy. Never excuse yourself from goodness based on someone else's rule book.


Be magnificent!


Have an Inspirational Day!